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Choose and design your own ECDL programme, based on your individual needs!


2D design applications

ECDL Word Processing

Text formatting

ECDL Web Editing

Web publishing concepts and skills

ECDL Spreadsheets

Managing spreadsheets

ECDL Project Planning

Project management software

ECDL Presentations

Presentation planning

ECDL Online Essentials

Web browsing and online communication

ECDL Online Collaboration

Collaborate online using web-based tools and services

ECDL IT Security

Data protection on computers, devices and networks

ECDL Image Editing

Creating, editing and outputting digital images

ECDL Data Analytics

Prepare data for statistical analysis

ECDL Computing

Key skills and main concepts relating to computational thinking and coding

ECDL Computer Essentials

File use & management

ECDL Digital Marketing

Build and certify their digital marketing skills

ECDL Using Databases

Effective database software use