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Prices for Business English programmes

Real English specialise in teaching the English language ONLY both at General English and at Business English level.

The price of adult programmes depends on:

• students’ current level of English
• their goal in learning English
• the time frame in which they wish to conclude their studies
• the time available per week
• whether lessons in small groups or one-to-one sessions are better suited to them etc.

It is therefore deemed absolutely necessary for adult students to personally meet with a Real English Advisor in order to discuss the programme which best suits them. The cost is determined immediately after the student and Real Advisor have agreed upon the programme which is going to be followed.

What Business English programmes offer:

• Best quality for value across the market
• Lessons delivered also by native speaker teachers
• Lessons in small groups or as one-to-one sessions
• All books (Oxford or Cambridge) FREE
• Programme flexibility
• Real Social Club: Conversation lessons with native speakers (when students miss a lesson this can be rescheduled for another day, without any extra cost)