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10 steps to language success.


Business English programmes fully adapt to each employee’s schedule to suit each student’s individual needs and learning style.

Real English guide you through 10 basic steps to fully mastering the English language.

Step 1: What are your needs in learning English?
Step 2: What is your current level of knowledge?
Step 3: What is your immediate goal?
Step 4: How much time can you devote to studying English?
Step 5: Drawing up your programme
Step 6: Educational material to be used
Step 7: Choosing teachers to suit your goal
Step 8: Implementing the T.G.M. method
Step 9: Ease of Communication through Real Social Club®
Step 10: Keeping track of your progress




Level A1: LISTEN (Elementary) reached in 3 months (60 h)
Students encounter the English language for the first time. They are able to use basic English, basic vocabulary and everyday expressions, introduce themselves and shortly present themselves. Their vocabulary is being gradually enriched.

Level A2: SPEAK (Pre-Intermediate) reached in 3 months (60 h)
Students are able to hold a conversation on routine subjects. They also learn to read and write. They can express themselves and communicate on simple everyday matters.

Level B1: COMMUNICATE (Intermediate) reached in 4 months (72 h)
Students are able to deal with situations likely to arise whilst travelling and engage into a conversation about everyday life, family, work, leisure without having prepared. They can also describe experiences, expectations, hopes and goals and understand conversations on familiar subjects arising at work, school etc. The “listen-repeat-read-communicate” forth fold is now complete.

Level B2: PRODUCE (Lower) reached in 6 months (144 h)
Students are able to hold a conversation with a high degree of fluency and efficiently manage both spoken and written language. They can write essays interact with Native Speakers, start a conversation on a wide range of subjects and explain their viewpoints on a subject. They are able to watch the news on the television, understand an English documentary film and read articles/interviews etc.

Level C1: MASTER (Advanced) reached in 6 months (144 h)
Students are able to produce clear, well-structured and detailed written and spoken language. They can communicate spontaneously and use high-level English language.

Level C2: Dominate (reached in 8 months)
Students’ command of the English language is equal to a near-native speaker or native speaker level. They can read bibliography in English on any topic or science and easily understand everything they hear or read.