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Certificates in German language

German language certifications you can get

According to CEFR German certifications range are:

Zertifikat B1 KLASSE 3
Zertifikat B2 KLASSE 4
Zertifikat C1 KLASSE 5
Zertifikat C1 KLASSE 6
Zertifikat C2 KLASSE 7


Zertifikat B2

The most popular German degree is the Zertifikat B2 which certifies the good use of the German language and is commonly accepted in both the public and private sectors. The candidate should be able to understand the main meanings of complex texts that deal with topics and discussions in their field or related to their scientific training. At the oral level, their speech should be characterised by fluency and immediacy with people whose mother tongue is German. They should also argue fluently orally and in writing and analyse the convincing advantages and disadvantages of different possibilities.

Zertifikat B2 is equivalent to the English Lower certificate and is the minimum required level and is universally recognised for studies abroad or exams at ASEP.

Indicative program duration for the acquisition of Zertifikat B2
Zertifikat B2 starting from level B1 in 4-5 months
Zertifikat B2 starting from zero in 10-14 months