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Italian Institute of Education

There are ninety Italian Institutes of Education, operating in major cities in five continents. The Institutes are an ideal meeting and dialogue spot for intellectuals, artists, and other cultural operators, but also for simple citizens, both Italian and foreign, who want to establish or maintain a relationship with Italy. They are Italy’s “ambassadors” and information spots for “Sistema Italia”, but also centers of promotion for cultural cooperation initiatives and activities, and reference points for Italian communities abroad and for Italian culture’s friends all over the world.

Besides from organizing cultural events in all fields (art, music, cinema, theatre, dance, fashion, design, photography) Italian Institutes of Education:

• offer you the ability to get to know the Italian language and culture, through organizing courses, libraries, and teaching & educational material
• create contacts and conditions to facilitate the integration of Italian operators in the exchange and cultural production processes at an international level
• provide information and support to public and private cultural operators, both Italian and foreign
• support initiatives that encourage cultural dialogues according to the principles of democracy and international solidarity