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Real Foundation Services

• Full undergraduate application for 5 UK Universities (in England, Scotland and Wales)

• Constant update on the application progress

• Ensuring admission to a UK University

• Booking of accommodation either on campus or in private lodging

• Securing a student loan to cover studies cost


England Scotland
For undergraduate programmes (3 years), we secure authorisation of approx. 27,750£. 


For postgraduate programmes (1 year), we secure authorisation of approx. 10,250£ (covering part of tuition fees and/or living cost).

Tuition fees is approx. 1800£ per year. 

A government grant covering the above-mentioned amount is secured.



Student loan repayment

• After the student’s 25th birthday and as long as their income is greater than 25,000€, they pay 9% of the amount you earn over that threshold. For example, if someone ears 30,000€ annually, they pay only 450€ a year.

Loan get written off after 25 years



In order to get their loan approved, students must:

Have a European citizenship
Have not already completed studies at the level/in the same specialty