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Real Education collaboration with top language certification institutions

EEG – Real Partnership and Academic support

Real Education Group reached a cooperation agreement with EEG, the official and exclusive examination institute for the Oxford Test of English in Greece, the only language proficiency test certified by the Oxford University.

In this context, EEG is acting as the Academic Partner of Real Education.




EEG provides Real Education with

• Academic support
Advisory services during exams
Participation in educational activities organised by EEG
Testing exclusively for Real Education students
Mock exams exclusive to all Real Students


• On demand
Fast results
• Online
• Internationally recognized
• Flexible
• Small groups (up to 8-10 students)

HAU – Real Partnership and Academic support

The basic goal of both parties is to provide services and innovative methods which will allow Real to keep contact with their students and their families alive.

In this context, HAU will be acting as an Academic Partner for Real Centre of English.

HAU will be providing Real Centre of English with:

Academic support
• Know-how
Advise on English language certification
Research projects conducted on Real teachers-students

Fields of Partnership

Real teaching staff training

HAU will be offering training to the teaching staff of Real centres in order for them to specialise in English language teaching techniques and preparation for all language learning tests administered exclusively by HAU (BCCE, ECCE, ALCE, ECPE, TOIEC and TOEFL).

Language test mock exams

HAU will be organizing in Athens mock exams exclusive to all Real Students.

Language learning certification

The international TOEFL JUNIOR test which is administered by HAU will be offering Real the opportunity to explore the skills of their 9-14 year old students.

Participating in HAU research projects

Real will be invited to participate in research, academic and educational activities organised solely by HAU or in conjunction with other international or local educational and certification bodies.

Environmental education

HAU will be inviting Real to participate in the environmental education events and visits organised in the framework of the ECO FANS NETWORK programme.

Essay contest

HAU will be inviting students of Real to take part in their annual essay contest for students preparing for the University of Michigan ECCE examinations.