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Our vision

We aim to provide strong academic knowledge and life foundation
to our students

We put our vision into practice, everyday

We offer complete educational programmes and high-standard knowledge 

We wish to offer our students certified knowledge, and therefore we guarantee language certifications. We also make sure that to enrich our students’ knowledge and skills so they can be more prepared for the increasingly competitive context of the modern marketplace.

We are constantly keeping on pace with markets demands

Real Education group sustains a continuous interaction between management, teachers, and students, and altogether we observe the evolution of the market and optimize education respectively and continuously increase our educational offerings.

We are constantly expanding our range of educational proposals

We provide our students with the maximum educational experience and offer a wide range of educational programmes and subjects:

• Learning English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian
• Computing and Informatics
• Robotics
• Business English
• Digital marketing
• Educational trips