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Success System

Certificate Guarantee

Real Education guarantees and vouches for your success. In case (one or more of) our students fail their certificate exams, they have the right to prepare again for free for the following exam period.


Innovative programmes and methods for definite success

Language schools specialised in teaching English

Real English Institute has taken the strategic decision to focus exclusively on the teaching of English Language. English is considered today a global language and our specialisation in the teaching of English language has led us to create to unique programmes (such as the ultimate Programme R), aiming to satisfy the most demanding student.

Small groups

The average number of students per class is 5 people. We commit to all our students with a written agreement that the number of students per class will never exceed 8. At the same time all students are given the chance to participate actively throughout the whole lesson.

Unlimited teaching hours

Real English Institute has one extra innovation: They have created the absolute Programme R, exclusively for adults and university students. Each student has the ability to attend unlimited hours during the week. All classes are conducted by teachers who are either native-speakers or have graduated from British Universities.

Unlimited flexible timetable

Real English Institute adapts each timetable to the needs of every student. This way each student has the ability to attend all their classes without any problem with reference to their work or studies. Hence, no class can be missed and at the same time students can attend unlimited classes.

Classes adapted to your level

According to CEFR there are 6 levels. Each student, prior to starting their classes, needs to sit for a written and speaking test in order to be assessed by the Director of Studies. Soon after the completion of their test, they will be placed to the correct level (at one of 18 sub-levels)

Low cost

Real English Institute, bearing in mind the hard financial times that Greece is going through, has created affordable programmes for everybody. The cost of each programme, is not just competitive, but particularly low and meets with the requirements and needs of every student.

Real Social Club®

We have created the perfect teaching method (Social Club) so that each student can communicate in English. He learns to speak English. For us this is the ideal communication class.

Real Chat Spot®

We have created specialised classes for English Grammar so that each student’s speech can be properly formed. All these classes are conducted together with the regular classes.

Real Intranet®

We have created a digital platform with thousands of exercises exclusively for our students. This platform remains in operation 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. We are convinced that this platform can help each student effectively with his studies.

Real Debate®

Starting from level Intermediate+ all our students are frequently requested to give a presentation on a topic requested by the teacher. Usually, this presentation gets the form of a role-play between two teams.

First-rate teaching personnel

The greatest asset or Real Language Institute is our teachers, frequently evaluated by the Director of Studies and the students in order to give their best in class.

Guaranteed success

The Central Management of Real Institute can guarantee their students and their parents an excellent quality of studies. The cooperation between the education consultant and the student brings optimal results, which is our main goal.