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Your passport for studying abroad

UK has never been so close

Why study in the UK?

UK is an excellent choice for studies not only at European but also at global level.


You gain valuable academic education and internationally recognized qualifications.

British universities enjoy excellent academic prestige and have a long tradition, as some of them are hundreds years old and have welcomed internationally acclaimed scholars.

• You become a member of an internationally acclaimed academic community, receiving 300.000 students per year from 180 different countries.

You lay the foundations for a successful career both in Greece and abroad.

▪ You perfect English language in its homeland.

You make a significant long-term investment, as the money, the effort and the time you dedicate in your studies will pay eventually pay back.

You have the chance to choose between working in Greece or in the UK, as job offers are frequent.

• You can choose among a wide range of specialties the one that really appeals to you.

• You gain valuable life experience, since you come in contact with a new culture and meet people from all over the world.

• You enrich your CV with added value and prestige and become especially competitive in labour market both in Greece and abroad.

• You lay the foundations for better future remuneration in your career.

• You can study almost for free just with the European citizenship.

• You get the chance to live and study in one of the safest countries in the world, while its currency remains stable, regardless of political changes.

• You can rest assured that the English educational system will remain unaffected by Brexit.

• You can realise your study and work dreams in a country that enjoys international prestige.