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High quality translations - for businesses and individuals

Translations in 10 languages

  •    French
  •    German
  •    Russian
  •    Spanish
  •    Bulgarian
  •    Turkish
  •    Romanian

Official Translations

Based on the law no.36Ν 4194/2013/ΦΕΚ 208/27-9-2013
there is now the possibility of validation by a cooperating
lawyer or other public authority.

Why to choose us

  •    We are the No. 1 educational group for foreign language education
  •    In Greece for students – adults with extensive experience in the above languages.
  •    We have a customer support service
  •    We have a quality control department
  •    We are located in the largest cities of Greece
  •    We bring immediate results
  •    You are updated online about the progress of your work
  •    We have certified translators

Areas of activity

  •    Documents
  •    Translations of texts
  •    Website translations
  •    Translations of books
  •    Translations for students
  •    Foreign language degrees
  •    AEI-TEI-IEK degrees (degree, detailed score, study certificate)
  •    Certificates (registry office, municipalities, metropolitans)
  •    Secondary education (baccalaureate, detailed score)
  •    Personal documents (bills, proof of identity, etc.)

Steps we follow

  1. We receive your text, evaluate it and within 24 hours we send you our offer and inform you about the delivery time.
  2. After your approval, we assign the translation to our respective translator.
  3. Quality control, after the translator has completed the work.
  4. Delivery of work either to your e-mail or in printed form.

Method of receipt of work

  •    Via e mail
  •    Via courier
  •    From our offices

Cost of translations

Our prices are absolutely competitive. Of course, it always depends on the
level of difficulty of the text, its particularities, specialized tasks, etc.

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